Fringe!.. OH.MY.GOD!

Ok so i dont use this place much, unless it's to read awesome Sparky fic.. BUT.. Fringe!.. seriolusy, i'm like waaay behind, i mean i only JUST watched season one, coz my mate told me i was lettin SciFi genre down by not already watching it... but!.. how goood is it, how have i not watched it already!...

I'm still Squeeeeing over the end, altho according to my mate i'm gonna LOVE the 2nd season when i get round to watching it... is anyone else loving the Fringe?... i'm sure you all are, bet your all sittin around waiting for the 3rd season.. for this.. i both hate and envy you all!...

On another note.. i think i may have a very scary Sparky obsession.. i gots a tattoo of "Them" (the airquotes are becoz it's the cartoony version of them, if that makes sense?) on the inside of my wrist!..  is there like a support group for this?..
'Hello my name is Jellybean and i'm obsessed with SGA,... BUT only when it was good'.. aka seasons 1,2 and mostly 3..,

Gah!.. i scare myself sometimes.... anyway..

FRINGE!... still squeeee'ing!. 
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Erm.. help?

Ok.. so maybe it's just me.. or maybe i am some kind of LJ retard and therefor should NOT be allowed on here, but i have no idea what i'm doin, or even how to use this site.. i've decided to put out a 'Help me shout out'.. becoz LittleRed told me i should 'get into LJ more'.. lol.. so, here i am.. gettin into LJ!...

just have no idea.. what i'm doin, lol.. HELP!..

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